About The Brand

In 2022, PAX Scrubs was born as a friendly UK brand all about making awesome medical workwear that won't break the bank. Dr. Moiz Shakeel and Dr. Frankie Fan, both NHS junior doctors, started their journey of designing our scrubs with a foundational understanding of what was lacking in generic hospital scrubs. We really started this project from the ground up, and aimed to fill the gaps we noticed in those long "borrowed" pair of theatres scrubs in your wardrobe. Key among these was the need for a premium feel in the fabric, which needed to be comfortable yet practical, a stark contrast to the baggy and shapeless standard hospital uniforms.

Our goal was to create something that not only functioned well but also looked good. We wanted to address the contentious subject of NHS pay by focusing on cost-effectiveness, as we believe the current market for premium scrubs is unaffordable for many.

To start, we decided on a classic approach, choosing a royal blue for males and crimson for females. However, we have plans to expand our line with new ideas and colours.

The PAX Primus scrubs top is a testament to this vision. Crafted from a premium polyester blend, it is both breathable and stretchy, offering a heavyweight and durable feel without compromising comfort. The royal blue colour, enhanced with unique carmine detailing, merges style with professionalism. Our subtle branding complements the aesthetics, reflecting our dedication to merging fashion with functionality. The top features a two-pocket breast pocket, perfect for essential documents and pens, a nod to the practical demands of healthcare work.

Similarly, our Primus scrub trousers don’t just match the top in colour and quality but also in functionality. These trousers, crafted from the same premium polyester blend, feature four strategically placed zippered pockets. The cargo-style pocket adds a streetwear element to the sophisticated vibe, while the zippered hip pockets and rear pocket provide ample storage, catering to the fast-paced nature of hospital work.

Now, after a whole year of meticulous development and making things just right, we're thrilled to show off our comfy and stylish medical scrubs. The butterfly needle of scrubs if you may. It's a big deal for us, and we can't wait for you to check them out!